Saturday, August 05, 2006

12 steps to positive thinking Certain ways of thinking and acting can lead to positive mental health, says consultant psychologist Trevor Powell. These life skills will help you stay positive and cope with stress.

1] Take responsibility for your life, If you don't you'll always blame others or circumstances for our own dissatisfaction.

2] Be flexible, Change what you can and also learn to adjust to what you can't.

3] Accept reality as a mixture of good and bad, Accept the of unfairness and that things aren't always black or white.

4] savour the moment,Seek out laughter, fun, change.

5] learn to live frustration, it's a part of life and important for any personal progress.

6] express both your positive and your negative feelings, be open and assertive about your emotions.

7] work towards goals, have both short and long-term goals in life, they give your life direction and meaning.

8] think creatively, Work out your own solutions, rather than accept what you are told.

9] manage your time to create a balance, Learn to balance work and leisure; family and friends; being serious and having fun,

10] develop hobbies and interests, Experiment until you find one that is absorbing, meaning ful and fulfilling.

11] develop relationships, value friendships and show commitment.

12] accept and care for yourself, like yourself; focus on positive things about yourself that you like.

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GL said...

So true... though sometimes its not easy to follow... but life is to experience things, and getting wiser with every thing we live through,,,
but once again, kkk, far from being easy ...