Friday, June 23, 2006

Did you know....

Did You Know…..
That the first known description of a condom was published in 1564 by the Italian anatomist Gabriel Fallopius. He claimed to have invented the condom, which was made of linen, to protect against syphilis. In his study he issued condoms to 1,100 men and observed that they all remained free from infection.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Four Fabulous Brain Foods

The brain consists of about 60% fat. A High incidence of learning disabilities can be linked to a shortage of essential fatty acids such as those found in fish.

Add this herb to your cooking to improve memory, relieve mental anxiety and improve emotional health.

Contains iron, folic acid and vitamin C. Studies suggest that lack of iron can impair thinking and lead to depression. Vitamin C helps iron absorption.

Sunflower Seeds and oil
Contain vitamin E. U.S. research shows a hefty daily dose may delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease.