Friday, August 18, 2006

Holiday foods at home

Exotic fruits and vegetables are now common in supermarkets; they're delicious and are great for adding variety to
your diet. Try these...

Don't pass up a papaya as they are bursting with vitamin C.

Swap your baked potato for a baked sweet potato - they're just full of antioxidants.

How about globe artichokes? Those impossible looking vegetables are worth-including if your cholesterol's on
the high side. They are rich in cynarine, a substance that seems to help reduce cholesterol levels. Steam, boil with
lemon juice or microwave and serve with French dressing.

Many supermarkets now stock a whole range of squashes. They're packed with betacarotene and taste great
roasted or made into a delicious risotto. Yams can be used instead of rice and are great boiled, mashed or baked.

Bilberries are rich in anthocyanins, which are strongly antioxidant. They help strengthen veins, improve circulation
and vascular eye disease. Add them to fruit salads and puddings.

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