Thursday, February 13, 2014

Can a fruit juice cure your health problems? But too much can be bad as well!! Remember fresh fruit is Always better.

Beetroot juice can protect you again dementia.
How it works: as it contains nitrate, which opens up the blood vessels, Boosting blood supply to the brain.

Pomegranate juice for prostate cancer.
How it works: pomegranate contains a cocktail of chemicals which appear to reduce cell damage and 
Potentially kill off cancer cells.
Also good for: fighting against heart disease and lowering bad LDL cholesterol.

Grapefruit juice for weight loss.
How it works: by aiding more efficient metabolism of sugar.
Also good for: help the body absorption of coQ10, an energy compound vital to our cells. But be careful if you are on medication, will interfere the medication, consult with your doctor.

Cranberry juice for urinary infection.
How it works: cranberry juice prevents the growth of bacteria E. Coli. Within 8 hours of drinking a glass of Cranberry juice, the juice could help prevent bacteria from developing into an infection in the urinary tract. However, the juice will not treat cystitis if the infection has already occurred and will exacerbate the Discomfort.
Also good for: raising the levels of good HDL cholesterol through high level of polyphenols, the antioxidants In the fruit; reducing the risk of gum disease and stomach ulcers (because of anti-bacterial benefits)

Apple Juice for Alzheimer’s.
How it works: apple juice contains a chemical called acetylcholine, which is vital for brain health.
Good for also: aids digestion and healthy bowel function thanks to its high fibre content.

Cherry juice for cramp and gout.
How it works: Montmorency cherries a tart-tasting fruit that is rich in antioxidants helps muscle pain recover Much quicker. It can also help ease the agony of gout by helping the body to excrete the uric acid link to Painful joints.
Recommended brand: cherry active concentrated juice-Holland & Barrett and vimto cherry juice- Tesco.

Orange juice for heart disease
How it works: orange juice contains an antioxidant called hesperidins, which improves blood vessel Functions.
Also good for: preventing kidney stones, citrates, a substance found in citrus juices, can help slow the Formation of kidney stones.

Pineapple juice for arthritis.
How it works: The enzyme bromelain, found in the flesh and juice of pineapple, helps the body digest Proteins and aids digestion, but also has other benefits. When taken on empty stomach, bromelain acts as An anti-inflammatory agent who has been shown to reduce arthritis joints pain and swelling.
Also good for:  help ease the symptoms of coughs and colds and thins the blood,
Recommended brand: Del Monte pure gold pineapple juice.

Acacia berry juice for cancer.
How it works: Acacia juice which is made from a berry found in South America, has very high levels of Antioxidants, more than any other berries. Drinking the juice daily can help prevent the development and Spread of cancer cells.
Also good for: aiding weight loss, it stabilizes blood sugar levels, so preventing appetite swings.
Recommended brand: the berry company acacia juice- Holland & Barrett.

Purple grape juice for memory loss.
How it works: contain brain boosting antioxidants.
Also good for: lowers cholesterol and can be as effective as a daily aspirin in helping to prevent blood Clots. The fruit contain higher levels of disease- fighting antioxidant compounds then red wine and apple Juice.

Coconut water for exhaustion.
How it works: Contains everything you need, fluid for rehydration, carbohydrates for energy and electrolytes (Body salts) to replace what’s lost through sweat.
Also good for: offsetting hunger pangs by stabilizing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure Thanks to its antioxidants.
Recommended brands: Vita Coco pure coconut water- Holland & Barrett.

Carrot juice for colorectal cancer.
How it works: Contains a compound called falcarinol, which fights cancer cells. Falcarinol is a natural Pesticide which protects the vegetable against fungal diseases.
Also good for: enhancing immunity (high level of vitamin C ) rich in vitamin A, aiding digestion. Does not Improve eye vision.

Tomato juice for sunburn.
How it works: contains a substance called, lycopene. It helps to protect the skin from sun damage.
Also good for: regular eating of tomatoes reduced risks of prostate cancer. (Evidence is inconclusive)

Blueberry juice for dementia.
How it works: substance in blue berries help keep the brain healthy. (Not sure what substance)
Also good for: stabilizing blood sugar levels, preventing food cravings that can lead to weight gain.

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