Monday, July 24, 2006

Bad Breath

5 things you didn’t know about
bad breath
1 Up to 38 million people in the UK -38 per cent of us-will suffer bad breath at some time.
2 Most of us aren't aware we have a problem because, contrary to popular belief, you can't tell by simply breathing into your hand. Running your finger over your teeth and then sniffing it is a much better way to check.
3 Unpleasant smelling breath is caused by sulphur compounds released by bacteria which build up on your tongue.When you clean your teeth, brush your tongue too, or buy a tongue cleaner from your chemist.
4 PMS can give you bad breath. Hormonal changes in the week before your period can affect the level of sulphur compounds in your mouth. Dehydration through illness. not drinking enough or dieting can also be to blame.
5 Mouthwash won't solve the problem, but will just disguise it. Even brushing your teeth will only remove the smell for a while. One cause of bad breath is lack saliva, so chewing gum can help, but persistent bad breath means vou could have an infection and need to see a dentist.

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