Sunday, July 23, 2006

Good sleeping patterns

The amount of sleep we all need varies a lot.-Some of us need at least ten hours, while others still feel good on six or four. The key to this is the quality of our sleeping pattern, which consists of both deep and dreaming sleep. In deep sleep, growth hormones speed up the replacement of old cells - which is partly why we feel refreshed when we wake up. In dreaming sleep, extra blood flows to nerve cells in the brain, which keeps it active. Relaxation is the way to get better sleep - before you switch off your bedside light, try the following tips:

0 Have a warm, soothing bath.
0 Don't go to bed hungry. A rumbling tummy will keep you wide awake.
0 Don't drink coffee or tea after 6 p.m. Have a cup of herbal tea instead camomile is best because it's calming.

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